“High Impact Fasting and Intercession”

A Call to “High Impact Fasting and Intercession” and a Life of Holiness for the Transformation of the City of Newark

The Holy Spirit is calling the Ministry Leaders of the City of Newark, NJ to come together as one for a time of High Impact Fasting and Intercession for the Anointing to come upon the Church for the Transformation the City.

The told and others who testified; "That Leaders should come together to
pray that He will roll away darkness from the City of Newark". It is God’s Will and His Vision for us to be “One Church” meeting in many places.

You are a Leader with a vision, created with a purpose to serve and make
disciples. You are a valuable resource - a reservoir of accumulated
relationships and influence in your community. As a Leader, you have been wired in such a way as to have the potential for “High Impact Intercession” to unlock powerful divine principles along with practical steps to receive the Anointing to Transform this City.

This is our divine assignment and we will be accountable to God for it. We can change the City… The Holy Ghost is requesting us to have Regular Times of “High Impact Intercession with Fasting” so He can Heal our City.

You were born with unique gifts, called with a purpose to change the City.
Leaders praying regularly together with one voice becomes a forum that will launch your work to a higher and level.

As a Leader, you have already shaped the culture of your family, Church and Ministry. Through this platform, You will become sharper spiritually and will be able to delve into "The Deep" of the Holy Spirit. Your Ministry will experience genuine vertical and horizontal growth.

During the time of this “High Impact Intercession with Fasting” and our Total Obedience to the Holy Spirit’s work within us, The Lord will “Reposition” Leaders, Ministries and Churches to influence and transform the workplace, marketplace, the families and the community as well as the City at large. The Church will experience spiritual and numerical growth and there will be an end to the recycling pattern (people moving from church to church). One of the things that The Spirit is saying is that “Your Church or Ministry cannot do it alone.”

The Holy Spirit, The Divine Agent for genuine change is seeking for the Leaders of the City of Newark to come together to accelerate a Godly and a lasting Transformation of our City.

You know God moves in seasons; This is the Season for the City of Newark! The Holy Spirit has plans for an abundant Harvest of Souls! Will you be a co-laborer fulfilling your destiny, or will you decide not to come together in the Spirit of Unity and just continue to do things your own way?

Think about this…The Altar that is serviced most Governs the Land

The Holy Spirit is calling us to come “As One Irresistible Voice of Regular Intercession and Service the Altar of The Lord so the City of Newark can experience an all-encompassing, overpowering, long lasting Transformation from this present darkness into His marvelous light.

Let us come together and use God’s Method… Let’s do it “His Way”. We will see a Harvest for His Glory!

We are sure you are already praying… Can you hear the Voice of the Lord of the Harvest calling you to come as “One Voice” with Repentance so He can Heal our Beloved City in this Season